Deli Meat/Smoked Meat


St. Pete Liver Cheese 7# Average
Krey Bologna 17# Random Weight

2 sticks per case May be purchased by the stick

Ozark Pride Bone In Ham Steaks 12# Average

Packaged Individually

Ozark Pride Super Trim Bone In Ham 18/22# Average
Kretschmar Honey Ham 10# Average
Ozark Pride Premier Boneless Smoked Ham 10# Average


With options from Kretschmar, Hormel, Krey and many more. Our local warehouse and business delivery options makes it easy to stock up on the top brands in deli meats! Whether you need bologna, ham, turkey, roast beef or even liver cheese we’ve got you covered.

Address: 387 Old Hwy B Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Phone: 573-785-9586